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Superheroes and Advertising

In 1994 I was really happy to create a campaign for Philips on Marvel Italia comics. My career began as advertising sivualizer and illustrator, and I was building up my credibility as comic book artist. This opportunity let me combine the two things: comics and advertinsing. These illustrations with some characters of the 2099 universe were published on every back cover of italian Spiderman 2099 for some months across the end of 1994 up to first months of 1995 . I’ve always believed in the big potential of the comics for advertisting, Later, I worked a lot for a company in France focused in this job. The more, today with the new opportunity given by internet, comics language is really a powerful way to convey marketing messages.

Giulio De Vita back covers for Marvel Italia comics with Spideman 2009 in Philips advertisting

Giulio De Vita back covers for Marvel Italia Issues in 1994 with Spiderman 2099 for Philips advertising


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