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Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Wisher comics similarities

I red in many blogs talking about these similarities that I accuse Disney of plagiarism. I did not. I only put on the table a personal amused opinion and constatation of coincidence. If there is any different hypotesis, it will the the publisher legal bureau to have his job.

Giulio De Vita

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  1. The case seems strong. Honestly, none of these ideas are truly that original. The dress of your characters, gargoyles coming to life, the story of a young apprentice and a master. Look at Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic in comparison to Harry Potter.

    However, all your elements combined do seem very similar to this movie. If you want to hold your rights on the story you created, you need to look into this.

    If someone made a movie based on your comic right now, Disney would surely fight it's distribution due to the similarities. You need to fight or they will own your story in other media..

  2. You're right, Sfuff Daddy,
    Sebastien Latour never hid his Gaiman's influences.
    However Wisher rest original in his entirety even if the themes are evidently stereotyped, like Vampires or Cowboys or Aliens…
    I agree with you that the combination of these elements, the way we plaied with these stereotypes has to be defended. But of course it has to be prooved that all this is affectively true. Only a lawer can say.



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