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My astonishing invention transforms a simple pencil in a digital stylus


iLapis Patent Pending



As you probably know, I’m a comic book artist since I was 16: I have been working for several international publishers. In my about 30 years professional activity, I love to use, try, experiment different tools, styles, techniques. In my research, I was seduced by new touchscreen devices for skecthing and noting in mobility, so I tested (spending lots of money) many stylus to work with. Unfortunately I didn’t find the right one: they are all too expensive, too fragile, too heavy, too technologic (need to recharge), and limitaded in usability, pressure and inclination.

Drawing of the patent
Drawing of the patent

I’m an artist and a daddy too: I want a tool that I can use in mobility, without the fear that I can loose it, break it, or wet it, that I can give to my son to play and write with… In short, I want a pencil, a real pencil!

Drawing of the patent
Drawing of the patent

So, at the end of 2013 I started studying a way to exploit the conductivity of graphite.

iLapis is easy to handle even by children
iLapis is easy to handle even by children

The result is really useful for example in teaching recreational field for handwriting and drawing, for students to take notes on tablet and paper at de same time, for professionals in mobility, but I think it has something romantic for the unprecedented combination of a classic tool with a symbol of modern technology like tablets and smartphones.

What is it?

iLapis is s simple and unexpensibe add-on that transforms any standard graphite pencil in capacitive stylus.

A conductive transparent film enlarges the surface of contact of the tip of the pencil on the touchscreen

Finally you can have the same feelings of writing and drawing on paper

iLapis is the lightes capacitive stylus, this let you write and draw smoothly and naturally

iLAPIS has the finest tip, that let you write and draw with ease and precision

iLapis works at extreme inclinations like no other capacitive stylus

You can work on paper and device with the same tool




iLAPIS doesn’t need to be recharged as it has no batteries, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

You can use it with any graphite pencil. You can even use it on Apple Pencil and transform it in a universal capacivite stylus on any touchscreen.


Use it on Apple Pencil stylus to write and drawo on any touchscreen, brand, size, OS, model

The Benefits of iLapis

  • iLAPIS works on touchscreen and paper with the same tip.
  • iLAPIS works with any touch-screen brand, size, OS and app
  • iLAPIS has the finest and precise tip
  • iLAPIS is the lightest stylus (important for drawing)
  • iLAPIS works at extreme inclinations like no other stylus
  • iLAPIS needs negligible pressure to work
  • iLAPIS has no friction moving on the surface (perfect to use in stand-alone set up of the tablet for example to show slides of photos in a meeting)
  • iLAPIS doesn’t need to be recharged: it has not batteries, wifi of bluetooth : no problems of fragility, no problems with water (ideal in mobility)
  •  iLAPIS is inexpensive : it’s more like a stationery shop product than a technologic store’s as a writing-drawing tool must be
  • iLAPIS works with any pencil with enough graphite in its mine (B or softer mines)
  • iLAPIS lets Apple Pencil work on any other brand, model, size of Touchsceen (as a capacitive passive stylus)


  • Artists : for sketching and painting in particular in mobility (in the beach, in the train etc)
  • Children : no risks to break it, no risks loose or wet it, anyway no problem if… for its low price. Ideal for fun teaching the correct way to handle a pen and writing (with existing specific apps)
  • Students : to write or draw at the same time on block notes and digital devices
  • Professionals : to write or draw in mobility
  • 1 to 1 or more players (for the low price you can have several at home) and use the tablet together.
  • Large fingers or poor eyesight : For people who have problems to digit letters on smartphones


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